Announcing the Perl Companies project

A month or so ago Jeff Thalhammer and I were chatting Perl over burritos. We got to discussing how many companies were currently using Perl actively and wondered whether there were a list anywhere on the web. We checked. There wasn’t (well, not any comprehensive or modern ones).

Well, now there is. Announcing the Perl_Companies project.

The list was built using postings from the entire history of and on that front owes its existence to a prior project by brian d. foy.

There are currently two versions of the list: a CSV file for downloading and manipulation and a Markdown file for human readability. The original data whence the list was drawn is also available in the repo.

I believe this list is going to be incredibly useful to the Perl community. It can be used as a source for job hunts, sponsorship requests, market research for new products, or put to any number of other purposes. If nothing else, it’s fun to browse.

Admittedly, this list still has some problems (*cough* deduping *cough*). Sure, there’s room for improvement, but it’s still a damn sight better than the diddly squat we had before. Plus, thanks to the wonders of open source and Github, we can all collaborate to build upon this good start. So bring on those pull requests. Open some issues. Let’s make it better together.


  1. How do you keep it up to date, right off the bat my company looking to fill the position that I’ll be leaving behind is not on that list and it is certainly a perl company. The position was just posted last week though:

    • Thank you for asking, and best of luck in your new job!

      Keeping the list up to date is a group effort, per the honored tradition of open source. While the shape of the overall presentation and collaboration of the project is still taking shape, if you’ve any data to add or correct now I welcome pull requests. :)

  2. I thought you were automating this and scraping or pulling it down by some other method. I didn’t realize you were doing this all by hand.

  3. The README file for the project should explain everything. Let me know if I’ve missed something!

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