I’m in the Market for a New Job

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After over a year working on my own projects, I find I really miss leading and working with a team of good people. Working alone has its advantages but isn’t as fulfilling for me.

Therefore I’m once again throwing my hat into the ring. I’m looking for a full time job and would love to hear about great opportunities and teams which could use my help.

For those who don’t know, here’s little guidance about what I do:

  • I used to program but no longer do so and would prefer to keep it that way. While I can program I do not enjoy it much. I have always found it much easier/more pleasant to read code than to write it.
  • My strengths lie in the realm of management of technical people and projects. I thrive on building and helping incredible teams of geeks to accomplish amazing things.
  • I understand business, marketing, and technology and enjoy exploring the intersections between them.

What I am looking for:

  • I would enjoy performing any of the following roles (most of which I have done previously in my career):
    • VP/Director/Manager of a software engineering team or department
    • Technical Project Manager
    • Community Manager
    • Developer Evangelist
  • While I currently live in San Francisco, after five years of saying, “Imma gonna move to Portland!” I’ve finally decided to follow through on the statement. Therefore it’s required that the job either is based in Portland, Oregon or will allow me to work remotely.
  • I would be beside myself with professional glee if I am able to find a position with a company or organization which is friendly to open source/data/access/etc.

For more information, have a look at my resume.

Need to know even more? There’s always my website.

Know of a position or have more questions? Feel free to send me email at `resume` at the $domain.$tld of this webpage.

I look forward to seeing what sort of amazing opportunities are lying in wait. Allons y!