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Common Resume Mistakes

7 minute read

I’ve been hiring in the tech industry for the past ten years or so. In that time I’ve looked at hundreds—if not thousands—of resumes from people applying for...

Managers: It is NEVER OK to be a jerk

2 minute read

Earlier today I had a conversation with a friend. She had just been chewed out by her manager. It seems my friend had let a typo slip into some copy. Normall...

Program Like a Pixar Story Artist

3 minute read

A friend recently tweeted a list of story basics from Pixar Story Artist Emma Coats. These basics are some of the story-writing guidelines Emma has learned f...

Rant: I Am Not a Cat Herder

1 minute read

It’s a no-brainer. It’ll happen. If I were the betting kind I’d lay good money on it. Any time I’m mingling at some social event (cocktail party, BBQ, confer...