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Using Slack with IRCCloud

1 minute read

A while back I wrote a guide on how to add a Slack team to your ZNC IRC bouncer. Soon afterward, I switched from using ZNC to IRCCloud. I’m consistently impr...

The OpenStack identity crisis

2 minute read

Does OpenStack have an identity crisis? I think it does, and solving it will help the project establish itself in the minds of infrastructure deciders.

Jump-start your career with open source skills

3 minute read

Although attending college is not required for success in software development, college programs can provide a great deal of useful information in a relativ...

Google, can we talk?

1 minute read

The following is an edited screenshot of my Google Account profile:

Advice for new speakers

10 minute read

After my speaker training workshop at /dev/world/2017 last week, one of the attendees approached me asking whether they could contact me with some more quest...