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No, I will not “lighten up”

1 minute read

Here’s a conversation I was in recently. It’s paraphrased and anonymized because I’m not here to name-n-shame.

3 ways to improve your hiring process

5 minute read

The new year often brings the end to a lot of finance- or holiday-imposed hiring freezes and a rush to get the hiring process wheels back into motion.

Uploading a Video to Internet Archive

4 minute read

I make no secret of the fact that OSCON is one of my favorite conferences. I try to speak at it whenever I can and do what I can to support its community. Wh...

Ops/DevOps Learning Resources

1 minute read

Last night I was speaking with a junior engineer who’s entering the job market. She’s had no trouble getting development internships (she has four of them un...

Open Source Leadership Succession Plan?

1 minute read

I present at a lot of FOSS conferences and therefore have the chance to meet and speak with a lot of FOSS luminaries. These are inspiring people who’ve been ...

Adding a Slack network to your znc IRC bouncer

2 minute read

Slack is taking the online world by storm. Most everyone I know in technology is a member of at least one Slack teams, and it’s not rare to find people who a...